Here’s the first public release of Plop! reader, an application allowing you to read entries from your Wallabag v2 instance, on your Pocketbook Touch Lux.

For more informations:

Download: Plop! reader v0.2.0

This is an early version, the first public release ever! Which means your feedback is important!

Here are a few screenshots: first, the main screen of the application, the list of entries:

Main screen: list of entries

When you’ve read an entry, you can change its status:

Action on an entry, after reading it

The menu, where you can switch between the three kinds of entries:

The menu

And, finally, the About dialog:


This project is open-source, under GPL-3.0. Sources are on Github: pmartin/plop-reader.
If you are curious about what might come next, take a look at my current roadmap.