This application allows you to read entries from your Wallabag v2 instance, on your Pocketbook Touch Lux.

Current version of the app is v0.4.0.

Implemented features

Here’s a quick short list of features that are currently implemented and should work:

  • Fetching the 200 most recent entries from the Wallabag server and synchronizing them to the ereader.
  • Marking an entry as archived or starred on the ereader.
  • Synchronizing this change to the server.
  • Works offline and only accesses the network when you touch the sync button (reactivating wifi if need be).
  • Three distinct lists: unread, archived, starred; and menu button to switch between lists.
  • Uses the internal ereader’s reading application to open contents, which means you have all the usual reading features and options.
  • Logs (current builds are quite verbose, as they are early versions) to plop-reader-log.html at the root the device; which means this log can be read from the library and you can get it via USB.
  • Fetching EPUB version of new entries from the server – requires wallabag >= 2.2

Known limitations of the current version

Known limitations of the current version of the application:

  • Only tested on Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 “TEA” with a 5.14 firmware and Pocketbook Touch Lux 2 “TEA” with a 5.9 firmware. I have had reports indicating it also works on Pockerbook Inkpad 2.
  • It will not work on a 4.x firmware
  • It only supports Wallabag 2.x (which means it doesn’t work with Framabag) and has only been tested with Wallabag 2.0.6, 2.0.8 and 2.2.1. Some features require Wallabag >= 2.2.1.
  • Not much help included.
  • The UI is not perfect, but should be good enough.
  • Much code-rework is needed.

This is to be considered a beta version, to collect useful feedback from implicated power-users.

I’ve used this application regularly for several months now and it’s been tested by half-a-dozen users… But, as you surely know, there are always things the developer of an application didn’t think about ;-)

Not implemented, but planned

You can take a look at my current roadmap.

Many things are not implemented yet, but are planned for (several) future versions. Most of them are tracked as issues on github.